Divine Form – Shri Mathuradheesh Prabhu

Shriman Mathuradheesh Prabhu stands before a Gol Peethika, a rounded back piece. The bhav of the rounded Peethika is that of the Gopis’ Golakar Rās-mandal. Within the Peethika reside eight swaroops, the Ashta Antaranga Sakha, who are Krishna’s cowlad friends (sakhas) during the day and become His intimate Gopi associates (sakhis) at night.

Through His form as Madhuresh, the Lord of Sweetness, Shri Mathuradheesh Prabhu gives all of His pushti bhaktas the sweet experience of each of these lilas. To what extent can He be praised? Shri Mathuradheesh Prabhu’s lilas are eternal, each one fathomless, endless, and Madhura-atimadhuratam: supremely sweet, to the sweetest extent! As Shrimad Vallabhacharya has written in his Madhurashtakam:

मधुराधिपतेराखिलं मधुरम।
“He is the Lord of Sweetness, and everything is totally sweet.”